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This year we have targeted 100 students in order to help them find benefactors like you.This charitable person or organization is expected to help us provide meals on more predictable terms, in order to keep these children from begging for food. For example it takes about $30 to feed a child for 1 month on the basis of $1/per day. Donors can choose how many children can benefit from their sponsorship. Once we have your commitment, Mu’Min™ can ensure proper administration and due diligence. Please click 'Donate' below to make your pledge. 


Thank you.




Laduni Institute and Al-Ahmadiya are religious non-boarding and boarding schools respectively. They serve boys and girls from 3 to 15 years old.The schools are sponsored by Mu’Min™ to help provide excellence in education. Senegal’s national academic French curriculum and English are also incorporated in the program along with computer literacy. Laduni Institute is the 1st primary school of its type in the region. Therefore once more, prayers, hope and dedication remain our driving forces. Our eminent concerns are to help provide:

  • A school bus for a safe mode of transportation for our young students

  • Computers to revamp our lab

  • Student desks and white boards

  • Miscellaneous school supplies 

Please refer to attached photos to see that most children come to school on motorcycles, horse carriages or by walking miles.Despite Mu’Min's™ and parents desire to help provide a decent education for our pupils, the concerns are rising for safer modes of transportation along with the issues mentioned above. However the means remain modest and your assistance is much needed.


Thank you.


  • Number of children out of forced labor and mendicancy

  • Number of children off the streets

  • Number of children enrolled in school for the first time

  • Number of active registered volunteers: teachers, community, donors etc…

  • Excellence in academic achievements

  • High graduation ratio

  • Effective self-sufficiency projects 

  • Fulfilled yearly goals



Words aren't enough to express our appreciation for your love and dedication.

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