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Republique du Senegal

Minstre de L'interieur

Autorisation n*14-074

Decret n*97347 du 2/4/1997



Dear Brothers and Sisters,


We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your love, prayers and support.


Mu’min Foundation, now in its 10th anniversary, finds profound satisfaction in the youngest attendees through the various programs in our schools. Mainly, our student body went from 36, 6 years ago to over 300 today.


Education Program

  • Comprised of kids ranging from 3-15 years old.

  • Covering pre-K, elementary, middle school.

  • Our computer lab expansion opened new windows for our children, making them more competitive in the national arena.

  • In 2018 our schools passing rate at the state national exams was 90%, which were leading numbers in the region.


Food program

  • This venture is nearest to our contributor’s hearts because those who are hungry cannot learn. Ensuring food safety by providing one guaranteed meal per day helps:

  • Give the gift of hope

  • Provide more structure to street children

  • Assist in better health and hygiene

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Help bring up contributing citizens and get them out of harms way


Mu’min foundation is striving for self-sustainability but faces challenges to provide meals for all registered children. Your commitment to the nutrition program remains pivotal.


Please go to our 'Donate' page and commit to $30/month to help guarantee daily sustenance to the much needy and vulnerable.


This program also covers our clothing drive where the same recovered street children are looked after for reasonable clothing and shoes.


Another goal shared in previous correspondences was to see our schools stop paying rent to shelter our programs. The rentals are costly but necessary. Fortunately, we have acquired land and working towards raising the $100,000 to build our classes and boarding center. Please visit the “Project” page of our website to review planning details.


As expected in this sort of charitable endeavor, covering a much needy geographic area, the panoply of engagement and commitment is vast.


We are thankful for all of the prayers and support. Our children are meeting expectations. Together we can look back as we are growing with these pupils to see betterment in state and capacity.


The goal is to have our children carry your gift until sensible paradigm shift is reached in the cycle of poverty. 


Through nutrition and educational programs Mu’min Foundation is building bridges to help connect your goodwill to their blooming hearts and minds.




With our deepest gratitude,


Management Team




Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for giving us another opportunity to share how we are doing. 


Yet another occasion to extend our gratitude and admiration for our supporters. May the efforts bear abundant fruits and be the gift that keeps on giving. May you reap the divine rewards in this life and beyond Incha LAH. We are pleased to share the fulfillment of some of our projects and the improvements in our programs in general.


Laduni Institute: Islamic Elementary School


Our Mujadid Baba Award Program:


Committed to offer scholarships to orphans, in particular and other deserving students. This program is established in order to help ensure their Islamic Education, National French curriculum support and computer / english literacy.

Our goal to get more students enrolled was met by 35% this academic year. Laduni Institute had welcomed 85 new students in October 2017. We were able to offer full and half scholarships with committed donors like you.

Upkeep: Our next registration period will begin in July 2018 Incha LAH.

-We are hoping to be able to offer more support with standard:

$60 / Month / Student for full scholarship

$30 / Month / Student for half scholarship


Fulfilled School Bus Project:


Our children are thrilled with the acquisition of their 1st school bus.

Our organization's administration, attendees, and supporters remain immensely grateful for this beautiful gift of a 71 seater school bus. It is life transforming and provides so much ease, efficiency and safety for our pupils. Our generous donor Mr. M.S perfers to remain anonymous but the hearts know his noble soul and may his name be elevated in the highest assemblies..Ameen.


Alif Program:


This nutrition venture for meals destined to children in Qu'ranic schools is one of our programs that may require more attention.

Our goal for 2 meals a day is still pending...

Once more your prayers and support can help us accomplish 2 simple and healthy meal formulas for 50 cents per meal:

$1 / Meal / Day / Child



New Facility:


Another milestone was our newly opened center "Al Ahmadiyya".

This is an answer to the space problem we were facing last summer. Our classrooms were quite overcrowded and we made pleas to build 3 new classrooms. This achievement exceeded our expectations because we now have a new building with 7 new classrooms and amenities. It's a temporary arrangement but suitable to our growing family for the time being.


AlhamduliLAH, words can't express our gratitude and admiration for your assistance and seflessness.

May ALLAH s.w.t increases His Rahma upon us all and accepts our offerings, Ameen.

Thank you.


Please remember your donations are tax deductible in USA under Mu'Min Foundation Charitable Corp. IRS Section 501(c) (3) ID# 31954.

With our deepest gratitude,


Management Team



Dear Brothers and Sisters, 


Thank You!

We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve with your support.

Mu'Min Foundation ceaselessyly reiterates it's appareciations for the contributors who help us acheive our goals. Hand in hand, near and close, further even closer. "Al Mumin Mirat Al Mumin" The believer mirrors the BELOVED in His abundant generosity we thank you..


Laduni Institute:  Elementary School

Our Mujadid Baba Award: Offers scholarships to orphans, deserving students, and religious school pupils. Helping support the national curriculum, Qu'ran memorization, Fikh and Hadith, with computer and English literacy.

Upkeep: Full scholarship $60/month/student



School Bus Project: In need of your prayers and commitment to assist our children to have access to their 1st school bus.

(Cost $7000 USD + $3000 USD  for shipping)



Our Computer Lab:  A real success story as it brings our students in a new dimension in learning.

Pioneered by a Mu'Min's generous brother, it is the window of opportunity that is growing with our children. Thank you kindly.



Alif Program: Food for street children.


We are thankful to be able to offer 300 meals per week / 1200 / month. These are simple formulas with 50 cents per meal consisting of a healthy sandwich and drink.

Upkeep: Your prayers and commitment could help us provide 2 meals each day instead of 1, to keep the young students from going out on the street to beg for food for $1 / day / child.


Growing Pain: We thank God for your loving support, we are growing. Our daily attendees now reaching over 200 makes our existing facility quiet cramped up (see pic). For the upcoming academic year starting in October 2017, we will need to build and furnish 3 more classrooms over this summer.  We are trying to raise $8000 by June 30th, may it be made with ease and abundant reward for all involved...Ameen.



With our deepest gratitude,


Management Team

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